Day 13
Published 3 years ago
Survival Shooter - Health
I decided not to install the 2018 beta, I don't think there is a need to, I can wait for the real release. I learned about being able to enable and disable scripts from within scripts. Seems pretty handy. When learning, I enjoy a mix of writing code and also just reviewing code. This was all review of code and I feel like I learned a lot just from stepping through the process of what needs to happen as far as what to call when and timing and triggering. Which script holds what, etc. It's also important when learning concepts to remember where you learned them so you know where to go back to if you have a question or a 'How did we do that?' moment.

Stuff I learned

the OnTriggerEnter / Exit for colliders will be most useful.
Matt Donle
Fledgling Learner - Educator