Dawn of a Soul
Updated 2 years ago
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Windows; Mac
Dawn of a Soul is a mathematical puzzle game about creating perfectly balanced paths by building chains and combos.
Dawn of a Soul is a mathematical puzzle game starring chains and combos.
Progresses through levels by building chains and combos to achieve the target score. Each level has a limited number of moves by which you has to find the perfect balanced path. Learn how to use different types of puzzle elements and their special features. Discover visual and mathematical pattern and keep them adaptable to new challenges. Master your logical skills and beat all 64 puzzles.
KEY FEATURES - Full control over chains and combos in a unique way - Challenging rise of the difficulty level - Basic mathematical & logical skills - 64 handcrafted Puzzles - 4 gameplay areas of focus - Minimalistic fantasy setting and mystical atmosphere
Demos Windows Mac OS X
Waldemar Umaniz
Game Languages
English; German
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac