DashPanel - PCARS Full Data Activation Code [serial Number]
Published 16 days ago

DashPanel - PCARS Full Data Activation Code [serial Number] --

About This ContentUnlock full data for Project CARS 1 & 2.NOTE:Purchasing Steam DLC gives you access to full data on the Windows version of DashPanel ONLY!!If you wish to access full data on Android or iOS devices purchase the full data unlocks within the DashPanel application on the desired platform.Full data for Project CARS 1 & 2 supports the following widgets: •Gear•Speed•RPM•Position•Laps•Map•Track Name•Fuel•Fuel Bar•Fuel Laps•Fuel Time•Fuel Last Lap•Fuel Lap Average•Lap Time•Last Lap Time•Best Lap Time•Split Time•Delta•Intervals•Session Time•Time or Laps Remaining•Clock•Session•Shift Lights•Shift Light Module•Shift Light Pi•RPM Bar•RPM Bar Solid•RPM Gauge•Speed Gauge•Fuel Gauge•Water Temp Gauge•Oil Temp Gauge•Multigauge•Flag•Air Temperature•Track Temperature•Brake Temperatures•Tyre Temp Indicator•Tyre Temperatures•Tyre Wear Indicator•Tyre Wear•Oil Temperature•Water Temperature•Background Screen•Dash Display Omega•Dash Display Modern F1•Dash Display Modern F1 V2•Dash Display MD42•Dash Display DDU•Dash Display PCU•Dash Display LCD•Club Dash•Pi Dash•Turbo Dash•Sports Dash•Classic Formula Dash•RS Dash•Mini Dash•Label•Box•Line•Image•Throttle Input•Brake Input•Clutch Input•Steering InputNote that this list may be updated in future versions. Always check the widget compatibility screen by pressing the info (i) button in the in app store for the latest list. d859598525 Title: DashPanel - PCARS Full DataGenre: UtilitiesDeveloper:PyrofrogStudosRelease Date: 5 Jan, 2018 DashPanel - PCARS Full Data Activation Code [serial Number]
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