Dash Dodge
Published a year ago
A dodge-centred action-adventure game for Jamchester 2017
-Masks are now killable -Ghost player fix

Inspired by different indie games like RiME, Hyper Drifter Light and Titan Souls

What it does
Travel between 3 temporal dimensions (the past, present, and future) and try to defeat our bosses and shape your future, they could be in both 3 temporal worlds!

How we built it
Built using Unity and Tiled2Unity to do the level design, art in Photoshop and Aseprite. Music with Logic Pro X.

Challenges we ran into
We started ambitiously and we did the most of that we could in 30 hours, the greater number of enemies and level design has been too much optimistic to start with, but we already happy for what we did

Accomplishments that we're proud of
We did plan well and we are proud that most of the features of our jam submission have stayed that way. We love our characters and enemies and definitely also the names that people had given to them.

What we learned
Even tho we already planned to make it simple, has been really important to give feedback anytime and definitely how scale and environment can change the game.

What's next for Dodge Dash
We're not sure yet, But we will let you know

Built With
Andrea Maestri
Environment - Artist