Darkness and a Crowd
Published 9 months ago
In development
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Mac; Windows; Linux
Darkness and a Crowd is a puzzle platformer game loosely inspired by Limbo and Ori and the Blind Forest. The game takes place in an ambient setting or planet in which was once called home. You spend the game in attempts to reclaim your old lands from the darkness within, while uncovering a story that is much beyond what was once originally learned. You mix the common physics engine with the abilities of your companions to further progress in the world, while completing quests from others.
The game is using the unity core systems while taking advantage of the mixtures between JavaScript and C#. Blender and ms paint make up the majority of textures as well. The game is being worked on with little to know budget and has already been greenlit and placed up on the steam store.
Currently being developed by me, Seth Albertus as an indie project on my spare time, at the age of 16 I've made it this far.

Seth Albertus
Mr. - Owner
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Mac; Windows; Linux