Published 7 months ago
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Windows; Mac
Horror rpg game at first player controller.
Dark Forest is a horror rpg game with an interesting plot. The main character, the player flies on an airplane, and suddenly, for unknown reasons, the plane falls into the woods without anything he sees, he inspects the territory, collects resources such as food, water, first-aid kits, weapons and the most important flashlight. He finds various unknown creatures. Then he finds a radio tower but it does not work because there is no electricity, the player will need to find and turn on all the generators. After he comes back and contacts the rescue service. A few hours later, the rescue team arrives by helicopter, but the helicopter, too, like the plane for unknown reasons, falls and the player needs to look for a second way out of this terrible forest. Then he finds his brother whom he hasn’t seen for 7 years and learns that all this was done by his brother it was he who destroyed the planes and helicopters so that no one would know about this place. Then the story is not yet thought out, but the final of the game will be such that the brother puts the chain on his brother’s hand while he himself is going to fly away on his plane but the player pulls out a knife, cuts his hand and kills his brother and flies out of the eerie forest.
Андрей Бугрин
KenForest - Student
Game Languages
Russian; German; English; English, British; Italian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac