Dark Fantasy Kit

Dark Fantasy Kit

The Dark Fantasy Kit is a modular PBR environment package that is great if you want to give style for your villains through environment. The asset contains 400+ prefabs to build your own estate for your evil masterminds.
Our goal was to create a modular package for villains that has style. For evil overlords who gain their riches off the poor peasant’s sweat and blood, who display their authority and oppression in forms of not just military power or deadly magic, but with their environment. To achieve this we took the gothic arches, added a little exotic feel from Moroccan architecture, and topped them with menacing, dark, wrought iron spikes and grates. The result is the Dark Fantasy Kit.

What's inside:

Example Scenes

Currently the package contains three demo scene, that are also downloadable, so you can test it before you buy the package!
  • Evil Mastermind Manor (download)
  • Temple of the Scorpion God (download)
  • Chamber of the Dark Overlord (download)

Models & Prefabs

  • 172 architectural prefabs. Walls, floors, stairs, pillars, arches.
  • 42 furniture (chairs, beds, cupboards, desks, drawers, shelves). The drawers and doors are moveable and openable.
  • 43 decorations (flags, carpets, curtains and sculptures)
  • 89 containers (chests, crates and vases)
  • 52 different lightsources (crystals, lamps, candles and braziers)
  • 10 doors and gates.

Textures & Custom Shader

  • 2k Resulution
  • PBR texture setup: albedo, normal map, and a combined metallic-smoothness-ambient occlusion for optimized memory useage.
  • Stained Glass Shader


  • Modular Workflow
  • Works with First Person, Third Person and Top-down games
  • Constant Updates
  • Active Development & Support