DADIU Competence Project
As a Level Designer at DADIU, I was tutored by Astrid B.Z. Madsen, were I created several levels and environments with various game mechanics and events. As such my responsibilities Included: • Designing, organizing and implementing levels and environments. • Play testing, game balancing and bug fixing game levels according to feedback.
"I taught Amin on an intensive two-week level design course at DADIU (Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment) and it was a pleasure having him as a student. Amin has a very positive attitude, and always brings great energy and a smile to the table. He is very productive and always delivers great work. Amin especially shines at doing polished, good-looking environments and action-adventure gameplay with a cinematic feel. He understands how to create gameplay with a nice flow and also how to add a sense of drama, storytelling and humour to his scenes." - Astrid B.Z. Madsen, 14. oktober 2016
Amin Amin
Game and Level Designer