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Published 3 months ago

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About This GameAn adventure quest game, which tells a story of a simple man, who works on a radiostation in the woods. Dive in to the world, which was inspired by many well-known quest of the 21th centuary, full of many grotesk puzzles. Enjoy the unusual color palet for every level of the game and an interesting story, which you`ll have to open step by step. b4d347fde0 Title: DabdaGenre: Adventure, Casual, IndieRelease Date: 30 Jun, 2017 Dabda Activation Code [FULL] This game is good and some parts are challenging and take some time to work out.I also really like the extra little fatures that have been added inDev: Next time you should release either all the all the levels are hide the ones that can be released and don't release the achievements :). Did you really think no one would notice that this is a shameless rip-off of the Cube Escape games?!?!? From the music, the sound effects, and the layouts (many of which seem copied directly and then recoloured), to even the characters (a crow...seriuosly?), this is just Rusty Lake...except you have to pay money for this one. The Cube Escape games are freeware, so what's this game's excuse?With stolen music, layouts, characters, and tone, I would avoid this game at all costs and play Cube Escape or drop some money down on the Rusty Lake spinoffs and avoid this game and their attempt to cash-in on stolen assets and ideas from a free game.. A game with so little content should be free. Consider getting it for 10 cents because it's not worth .99.. Short, cheap, point & click game that's good for achievement hunters trying to up their percentage rate. The game doesn't really hold your hand and/or tell you what's going on. You have to figure things out for yourself. The game took me about 2 hours to 100%, but can definitely be finished in even less time. There are 3 stages and 1 of the achievements wants you to finish a certain stage in under 30 seconds. I took my time and enjoyed the experience. If you follow a guide, you can probably get this game done in 10 minutes or less maybe.. Simple little Unity point-and-click adventure title. The main problem is IT IS NOT FINISHED! Fair warning, the last few chapters are missing at this time. ONLY reason I'm not recommending it. Once they are released it more than likely will be, unless you feel like laying down the funds in anticipation of the final product,. waltrough here :) This game makes no sense to a Puzzle Game.An item that should do something, doesn't.You can't ratiocinate neither associate where the items go because makes no sense.The HUD is crap, also, it's big enought to blind you from the screen,and the usage of the item it's bad as well, you select and press, you don't know if you can or can't use the item in the place.This game is realy really bad, that's why it's cheap as hell.
Brian Oliver