Cypress Bark - Substance Material Tutorial
Time for a complex one. Every environment artist needs a tree bark at some point. Cypress trees are iconic of Italian landscape, so it was fitting to construct one for my Rome: Fantasy Pack I project in Unity and Unreal. It turned out the heightmap came together pretty fast. Getting the albedo to look the way I wanted was the real challenge. Making sure the grey-to-reddish-to-tan transitioning felt right took some time. My custom nodes, Get Slope and Height Selector, are required for this exercise. Get them here: The Height Selector isolates pixels in a greyscale heightmap based on their value. Useful for when you want to texture the "tops or bottoms" of a heightmap. The Get Slope node generates a slope texture where black pixels on the resulting greyscale map are considered flat planes and white pixels are considered vertical angles. I actually didn't finish a roughness pass on this one. I'll add that in the future. Enjoy!
Peter Sekula - Quantum Theory
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Thanks for taking a look. More breakdowns are on the way, so hit that follow button
2 years ago
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I love Substance Designer and Shader forge. This is a great tutorial thanks!