Cybership - Final
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Cybership - Final submission


Hi! My name is Mariusz Dąbrowski. I'm 23 and I work as a 3D generalist in a post-production studio in Poland.


As a concept for my entry I used Pirate Ship from Rayman 2.
Of course, this was very loose concept, because I wanted to make it darker and more futuristic. Since I am a terrible drawer, I gave up on trying to make any concept art.

Production Process

For this contest I really wanted to do most things from scratch, to challenge myself and make something unique. Also as we are supposed to use Timeline and Cinemachine, I thought that the best way to show their capabilities and potential, was to make somewhat of a cinematic fragment. Not going into any particular story, as I started a bit late (11th December) and was lacking of time.
I started from modeling the ship, piece by piece. The idea was to make this a somewhat old outlaw ship floating in the air, covered in fragments of steel plate, with huge thrusters at the back.
Then I took care of texturing. I put flat colors and mixed them with rusty/grungy textures to make whole ship look old and used quite a few times.
Later I needed to animate some things, to make it more "alive", so I rigged and animated turrets, door, sails and crane. I couldn't spend too much time on this, so the movements is a bit too smooth compared with a look of the ship, but it do its job.
There would be no cinematic without a character, so I made one. The approach was the same as in the case of the ship. First modeling, then texturing in the same way, rigging and few animations.
The real fun started here, when I had to make a reference to the movement. I really enjoyed that process.

Then I created another character to fill the scene, and some attacking ships.
At this point I was able to move to Unity and start putting it all together.
As I was running out of time faster than expected, I ended up with huge mess in the project, and mixed polish/english names for everything. But hey, it still works!
After importing a ship, I started to set up lights all over the scene.

Then implemented Post Processing Stack to play with it and the result was quite cool. Of course I forgot to change color space to linear, so I could do all of this again from scratch. I really love how it looks now! Unfortunately YouTube compression killed some of my colorcorection and grain, but at least there is no banding thanks to it.
Regarding Cinemachine and Timeline. I used 14 different virtual cameras which I either blended with each other or cut.
That was a big gamechanger to obtain that cinematic look during the sequence.
I attached small script to the Main Camera, so I could animate Depth of Field easier and jump between points of interest, either it was null object, or a character.
So I put every animation on Timeline and everything went smooth. The only thing Timeline is missing, in my opinion, is the possibility to change layer/group color. That should speed up the process of finding desired piece of animation.

Later I added particles here and there using built-in particle package and modifying it a lot, or trying to do it from scratch. Something that I'm not quite familiar with, yet. I'm definitely gonna work on that in the future, because the possibilities are huge, using particle system in Unity.

I left sound until the very end of the project hoping that I'll be able to record and make it on my own, but well, time defeated me and I had to download and use ready, public domain sound FX. I did it by downloading sounds from the website I edited them a bit and put into one soundtrack using prerendered animation from Unity to time it, then I imported this track to the Timeline. Fortunately, everything ended up quite synchronised.


As a conclusion, I'm really happy that I was able to take part in this challenge, since I never did such thing before. There is bunch of stuff that I see, I could do better, but the final result is pretty satisfying compared to the time I was able to spend on it.

Assets used:

- Cinemachine - Timeline - Post Processing Stack - Recorder

Update 9

My final submission! I changed colors a bit, fixed some minor problems and added sound. On the next 2 days I'll work on post mortem article to wrap it up and go through whole project. That was definitely one of the busiest months for me and I could improve quite a lot of things, but time wasn't my friend here ;)

Update 8

I changed camera animation again, added more action, few attacking ships and redone particles.
Need 2 more shots to somehow close the scene. Then some minor improvements, sound etc.

Update 7

Lots of changes: - Color Space from gamma to linear - redone lighting - fixed and added animations - improved textures

Update 6

Moving on with action on the ship.

Update 5

I've made a MiniBot character and put it into the scene. Also I fixed clouds a bit.

Update 4

Today I'm working on particles. Lots of particles. I thought I would change the whole thing into some kind of battle.

Update 3

Finally something is moving! I've added animations using Cinemachine and Timeline. Here is the result:

Update 2

Textured character perfectly fits the scene, but I have to take care of that low res wall behind him. Soon I'll post some animations with the Timeline.

Update 1

I took few hours and made model for the main character in the scene. I know it's not really part of an environment, but this should definitely help in bumping up the mood of whole thing.


Hi! This is the first challenge that I was able to take part in. I decided to do everything from scratch, using only needed assets like Cinemachine, Timeline and Post Processing Stack.


As a concept for my entry I use Pirate Ship from Rayman 2.
Of course, this is a very loose concept, because I want to make it darker and more futuristic.


So with an idea in my head, I started modeling

Then textures:
I know that there is a problem with texture scale on some elements, but I will go back to it later, if there still be time.

Puting it together in unity with lights and Post Processing Stack

This is how my Cybership is looking now:

Now I'll be working on some characters to add life to the scene and then I'll make background, additional lights, some effects for the cannons and proper animation to present the evironment in right way!
Mariusz Dąbrowski
3D Generalist - Artist
3D Generalist
Codie PetersenWow dude, came along pretty good. But.... WHY YOU KILL THE BABY ROBOT!!
Thanks! Yeah, I know. That was quite brutal
Codie Petersen
3 years ago
Indie Game Developer
Wow dude, came along pretty good. But.... WHY YOU KILL THE BABY ROBOT!!
Michał Szwed
3 years ago
Wow it is awesome!!! Keep it that way, Mr. Marwchwiusz