Cyberpunk City
This project is my first attempt to give a more professional look to my voxels. To get to the above process were 6 months of intense studies at Unity. I knew almost nothing about the application and decided to do an immersion in several aspects of the software. I am still working on the project, but I hope to achieve the desired results. Some used assets. Aura Volumetric Lights -
The Blacksmith: Atmospheric Scattering -
Adam Interior Environment -
Hologram Shader and Material Editor for Unity -
Post Processing Vol 2.05 - In Unity Experimental Packages
Recorder -
Wet Road Materials -
Unity Standard Packages - Characters, Enviroment, Particles, effects
Rigging made in Mixamo -
Letters and other models - Blender 2.78
Adobe cc 2014
Manoel garcia
Game Designer/Artist - Educator