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The underwater adventure in sci-fi setting.
Hello everyone! My name's Alexey Glinskiy, I've been working with computer graphics for 20 years, and with Unity for 7 years. So far, I’ve released more than 10 different video games made with Unity3D and couldn’t ignore such an exciting competition.
I’d like to thank Unity team for such a great game engine and for this wonderful challenge.
I've always been interested in the underwater world and decided to create a sci-fi underwater world where I want to try to realize opportunities of the new version of Unity 2017. In my project 'Cyberpunk Arena', you’ll see underwater laboratories, female androids, different sci-fi structures, and a variety of underwater creatures some of which are technically modified. In the future, I might try to bring this contest project to a full-released game. I've been inspired by such great games as Subnautica, Depth Hunter, and, of course, BioShock!
The final video with the elements of the world showing the environment, different states of the level: night under the water, the inhabitants of the underwater world, the level of detail, and movement of turtle around the world of the ‘Cyberpunk Arena’ project.

The final teaser of the project is a short video with epic moments showing the general scene of events, opportunities of such Unity 2017 tools as Timeline and Cinemachine, work with characters’ animations, cameras, objects of the environment, Unity post processing stack, and so on and so forth.

In this project, I’ve used the following assets: Cinemachine, Post Processing Stack 2, 3D Scifi Base, SeaAnimalsPack, BioMechanical Whale, Real Ivy - Procedural Ivy Generation
Final screenshots of my project ‘Cyberpunk Arena’ for the Neon Challenge:

The description of the project ‘Cyberpunk Arena’ in progress - please read through from the bottom of the page to the top.

Work In Progress Log #8 - Dec 26
The final stage: work with the Unity Cinemachine, work with characters’ animation. Preparation of various scenes to make video materials.
I think it’s also worth telling about working with the Unity Cinemachine Virtual Camera. It's a new great tool in the Unity Engine which allows you to achieve the desired result with the camera. You can keep track of your character, add a different camera behavior, everything is easily adjusted and edited directly in the runtime.

Work In Progress Log #7 - Dec 20
I’ve decided that ‘Cyberpunk Arena’ requires such a wonderful BioMechanical Whale which presence adds kind of sci-fi authenticity to the project. According to the plot, we don’t know whether the whale is on our side or is a hostile creature.

Work In Progress Log #6 - Dec 16
The design of the main characters is finished: they are female androids, I haven’t decided yet who is the protagonist so they are three now) The story tells us of these androids escaping an underwater laboratory. The whole underwater complex is flooded, but as they are androids, they can freely move underwater: walk, run, kill guards, fight against underwater monsters, and so on.
Work In Progress Log #5 - Dec 13
I’m trying to adjust the bright points in the level in order to give light accents. Light is one of the most important tools in work with graphics.

White light looks very noble, especially underwater. Creating the necessary contrasts between light and dark in the picture. Post Processing Stack 2 let you receive amazing results in Unity 2017! The most remarkable contrasts of light are achieved adjusting Bloom and Color Grading.

Work In Progress Log #4 - Dec 11
There are lots of different sea creatures, sharks, octopuses, and even a large mechanical squid in ‘Cyberpunk Arena’! Many of the inhabitants of the underwater world are neutral and just move in the background of the events, but some try to destroy you! Don’t let them do it.

You can swim around or even try to fight against huge underwater monsters. Some of these sea creatures are as big as a whole underwater laboratory. Unity perfectly copes with the huge number of polygon animations and effects per frame.
Work In Progress Log #3 - Dec 9
Testing characters’ gait. Actually, it’s quite difficult to make the character’s animation to look natural and at the same time have elements of mechanical joints.

Unity allows to perfectly cope with hundreds of different animations on a single character, most important is not forget to adjust the Avatar of your character correctly!

Work In Progress Log #2 - Dec 6
More tests: preliminary tests before starting real work with the level.
Assembling different assets, fitting the level dimensions, looking for the vision, in general, the search for everything)
Work In Progress Log #1 - Dec 5
Checking and adjusting facial animation using Unity Blend Shapes.
The beginning of environment construction: the major base and the underwater environment around the base.
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