Cyber Garden vs Clockwork Kittens
Updated 4 months ago
In development
Mac; Windows; iOS; Android
A clone game of Plants vs. Zombies, a 2-week project for a game project course in Aalto University.
CGvCK was made as a short starting project for the Game Project course at Aalto University. We had two and a half weeks to clone an existing game and create a new theme on top of it. Our team decided to combine Plants vs Zombies with steampunk and cyberpunk.
I was the technical artist in this project: I imported all the assets in the game and made them work with the game code, and I was also in charge of the background graphics, the UI design, and the visual effects.
My favorite things that I got to do in this game was planning and preparing the lightsweep effect, and making the UI work dynamically. It was also fun to design the background and the UI so that they'd fit the game well but not interfere with the character graphics.

Aur Laakso
Artist & Game Developer - Student
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Mac; Windows; iOS; Android