Cyber City
Published 3 years ago
Welcome to Cyber City
We are Alien Nude and producing 2D asset on the Asset Store, and to celebrate our 10th 2D asset published on the AssetStore and the Neon Challenge we present to you "Cyber City"
All art is done in-house and only in 2D. Only "3D" effect is the camera is set to "perspective" and using the Z-axis to achieve the parallax scrolling effect.
All the art present in this video will be published on the AssetStore "soon", meaning that it's been submitted for the AssetStore for approval.
While you wait for it to be approved you can check out our other 2D Assets HERE
While you are checking out our previous assets and learn why we are called Alien Nude, you can have a look at some screenshots from the upcoming Cyber City package

Oh, and before you leave here is another video from the same asset, without sounds / music:
Best regards from Alien Nude ;)
Robin Ekeheien
Founder Alien Nude - Executive