'CVD Filter' now available on the Asset Store!
I'm pleased to announce that 'CVD Filter' is now available for free on the Asset Store!
This asset contains a selection of post-processing (v2) profiles designed to help you improve the readability of your in-game visuals for people with CVD (Color Vision Deficiency), also know as Color Blindness.
In just a few clicks you can quickly see your game the way those with various forms of CVD might.
The most common form of CDV (Red-Green) affects around 8% of men and 0.5% of women. That's a whole lot of potential players!
Filters included: * Normal - This filter applies no color correction, this is the default. * Protanopia - Simulates missing red cones. * Protanomaly - Simulates reduced sensitivity red cones. * Deuteranopia - Simulates missing green cones. * Deuteranomaly - Simulates reduced sensitivity green cones. * Tritanopia - Simulates missing blue cones. * Tritanomaly - Simulates reduced sensitivity blue cones. * Achromatopsia - Simulates completely missing cones. * Achromatomaly - Simulates reduced sensitivity of all cones
Gary Pettie
Gameplay Programmer and Game Designer - Programmer