Cute Cube Jump!
Published 2 years ago
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Android; iOS
Endless runner
TAP to JUMP over the enemies! SWIPE to the side to dash past the oncoming enemies!
This game is an endless runner inspired by cute colors and the 80s. You are a cube that collects smaller cubes. You have to evade the attacking triangular enemies and fidget spinner enemies and the spikes on the ground. Press once to jump. Swipe left and right to evade. Try to reach as far as possible and collect as many cubes as possible! You also earn more cubes by completing goals that are assigned to you during your play. Spend your collected cubes in the shop on new cute cubes.
* Unlock new Cubes from the shop! * Equip your cube with cute accessories! * Survive the fidget spinners * Power-Up! Use the powerful Wings Power-Up to fly above the enemies and collect additional cubes! * Goals! Earn more cubes from goals that you achieve!
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Technologies: Unity and Blender
Jonas Nyman
Freelancer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS