Custom Quest
Custom Quest is a super customisable quest / mission / objective system for your RPG, RTS or any other genre. Build quests of any kind with our easy to use prefab based quest system.
Create quests for your game in the editor, relate your quests in the scene diagram and customize them further in our custom inspector.
If that is not enough, convert the prefab to a brand new script and further customize your quest by easily exspanding on our methods.
(Full source code included - With code commentary)
- Edit quests directly in the inspector
- Structure and relate quests.
- Drag and drop your own quest line.
- Prefab based quest building.
- Visually editable quest structure
- Events for easy integration with your project.
- Extensive and thorough research.
- Optional criteria and rewards.
- Quest levels and thresholds allowing for complicated staged quests.
- Unique editor and inspector functionality.

Bonus features:
- Quest log
- Minimap
- Quest Tracking Compass.