Custom Player Loop
This asset uses the experimental features opened up in Unity 2018.1 to edit/customize the PlayerLoop. Tweak the default functions that are executed in:
- Initialization - Early Update - Fixed Update - Pre Update - Update - Pre Late Update - Post Late Update
and remove any unused functions in your project that are still being run although you don't use them.
If you accidentally remove a function that you actually need, just toggle it back and restart your program. You can fine tune your application down to each function for minimal performance increases.
Are you making a 2D game? Remove 3D Physics from your PlayerLoop.
Don't use XR, Tango or Kinect? Remove them from your Initialization and Updates.
Custom Player Loops are stored in ScriptableObjects so you can drag and drop various preset profiles to see their performance differences.
A profiler toggle is included to see the net impact of each function on your PlayerLoop (as well as the total for each section) so you can fine tune and see where the bottlenecks of your scene are at.
All Custom Player Loop settings are usable in both editor and build exports.
Warren Wang
CEO - Programmer