Curve-Controlled-Modeling – Revolutionizing 3D Animation Technology
Published a year ago
Without getting into all of the complex underlying technicalities involved in this technology, curve-controlled modeling enables 3D animators to create highly realistic facial animations by using a mathematical tool known as a NURBS curve, which essentially acts as a control mechanism that closely simulate muscle movements, which predominantly get your sweetest smile and all other expressions.
The NaturalFront software package is able to deliver superb results for one of the most challenging tasks in 3D industry: 3d-face-animation, yet greatly reduces the amount of time and cost required to render these highly complex 3D-face-animation, i.e. only a tiny fraction of what you might have been taught elsewhere. How often do you hear these in one sentence? Most likely you should be able to test all of them yourself in no time.
In addition, crucially in these austere times, it delivers this extremely attractive package at a price point that will suit the most frugal of budgets. So the question is … how can you deliver such high-quality 3D facial animation so fast and cheap?
NaturalFront takes advantage of a completely new form of 3D character animation algorithms, which makes the process of creating 3D facial animations substantially easier and more efficient. This new technology which is incorporated into the NaturalFront software is referred to as Curve-Controlled Modeling (CCM).
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