Curse of the Pharaoh
Puzzle, Match3 Game
We’re taking a step into the history of the ancient Egypt pharaoh. This old legend reigns over his kingdom, from the oasis to the pyramids. He has one beautiful daughter, called Cleopatra. She is very helpful and will help you to complete the quest and find every treasure in wonderland. This surrounding is full of secret surprises and hidden obstacles, you never know what kind of challenge you need to conquer. Enter the campaigns and show your skills, become legend! You only need to swipe the signs, match three or more and make it rain gold and points! You can discover multiple campaigns, all with their own challenges. Get the treasure down, set a beautiful jewel free and other puzzles. Many levels are divided over the campaigns in this ancient Egypt wonderland. Unlock them all and conquer, maybe with the help of Cleopatra or some special powers. If you need additional ones, you can buy gold coins and purchase extra powers. You have a limited amount of lives to use, so use them careful. If you want to continue the quest you can become VIP and get unlimited lives and more. This can be needed when you are so close beating your friend! See them in the highscores with Facebook and Google. Make it rain points, beat their score and become the legend of your group.
Mad Sword
MadSword - Game Studio - Owner
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