Curious Case of Gillian Grace
Curious Case of Gillian Grace is an original escape room design I developed and executed on behalf of The Escapery in Marietta, Georgia. Players are charged with building an emergency time machine to save Gillian Grace from a disconnected pocket universe of her own making. Within the room is two-way portal into her timeline. Through this, important narrative revelations and critical puzzle information is delivered to patron in an immersive way. To accomplish this, I wrote custom software that managed all video, audio, and Arduino-based assets within the room. Game Masters (the conductor of the play space during operation) have full access to every one of the hardware-based puzzles. In addition, as Gillian, they can write messages by having her fog up the mirror and write notes on the glass. Several scenes with Gillian provide context to the puzzles within the room. There are two endings based on player success or failure. I was charged with all programming, video post-production, and integration with external hardware. This was by far one of my favorite creative ventures. To read more about the technicalities of the mirror and how it works within Unity 3D, please check out this blog post on my website:
Jeremy Ledbetter
Immersive Designer & Game Developer - Programmer