Cue Masher
Cue Masher is a basic, open-source digital soundboard created for plays and other theater productions with complex sound designs and live sound cues. I wrote this application for a production of “Bullshot Crummond” and have also used it for “Amelia Earhart,” “The Diary of Adam and Eve,” and “Absurd Person Singular.” With it, you can map keys on your keyboard to sound effects and music, creating a digital soundboard. Sounds can be played by clicking their associated buttons in the GUI or using the keyboard keys. Cue Masher allows you to quickly create and edit your projects/sound boards even while simultaneously playing sounds. The application can play multiple sound tracks and sound effects at the same time. Sounds you specify can be stopped by pressing the Spacebar or toggled with their corresponding key or button.
This is a desktop application written in Java and runs with an executable .jar file. It accepts .wav formatted sound files and assumes that you are using a QWERTY keyboard.
You can find instructions and download Cue Masher on Cue Masher's website.
Emily Palmieri
Freelance - Programmer