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Android; iOS
In Cube-Drop, you control a "Collector" in the middle of the screen. Cubes of different colors constantly move in from the left, the right, and from above. Drag and tap to move and rotate the Collector to catch the incoming cubes. Line up three of the same color to make a match and clear them out.
Cube-Drop's controls are unique and satisfying. Dragging moves the Collector in six directions, while arrow buttons allow you to rotate the Collector in 3D. You don't control the incoming cubes, but you can control where they land by moving the Collector. It feels kind of like of like Tetris, in 3D, in reverse...
At first, you’ll just be making matches, but as you progress the game introduces new themes and features: ice cubes that need to be smashed, fire that can spread to nearby cubes, and altered gravity that literally turns the game upside-down. Cube-Drop is a fast-paced game where each level has slightly different objectives and rules. Complete stages to unlock more difficult versions of the levels, or see how long you can last on “Endless” mode.

Dan Goyette
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS