Cube City Rampage
Updated 7 months ago
Cube City Rampage was developed for the International Certification Route as part of a Unity Certification course. The game was developed in 15 days and it was to be themed around the city of Bogota. The game was awarded Best Game of the Certification program and was lauded for its execution, orginality and coherent game design.​​​​​​​

"A chosen hero elf is tasked with fixing the long ravaged streets of Bogota. Armed with his tools, wit, speed and the sweat of his brow he has everything he could ever need! Except well maybe... a permit to close the street."
The player must dodge incoming traffic as he struggles to fix the road using a variety of specialized tools. Even as they clear the level they must remain on the tip of their toes ready to jump out of the way as rush hour could be just around the corner.
The game featured three levels, each set during a different time of day and featuring its own challenges; multiple roads to fix, increased traffic and even Boss Vehicles. This was done with the intention of making sure each level was provided a unique gameplay experience.

Jaime Pineda
Game Designer and Developer - Programmer
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