CU Visually v2.0
As a follow up to the data visualization project with the CU Boulder Office of Data Analytics, this project demonstrates visualizing and manipulating GIS (Geographic Information System) related information. On top of GIS data, additional contextual information can be layered, allowing the user to dive into the data with the spatial context of the map location in mind. This demo walks through a use case where an academic administrative assistant is looking to reserve a room on campus for a special event. The campus map and campus buildings is generated using the Mapbox Unity API, providing a base for CU Boulder campus specific information to be layered on top. Two interactable campus buildings can be picked up to view 1. General details about the building 2. Video playback detailing the academic department 3. Controls to brush through room reservations/occupancy data in the building 4. Virtual recreation of a room inside a building 6-9-2017 Work in Progress - Updated Room - Testing out new interaction with tools with a "Tool Belt/Palette" for picking up and viewing Map and Videos -Updated the graph visualizations with handles for moving and placing floor plans and slider.
Justin Chin
Unity Developer - Programmer
Juan Andres Molina Escalante
VR/AR - Developer - Educator