Crystal Line
Crystal Line - A revolution of classic game Lines 98. This is a fun and addictive logic puzzle game with a new gameplay. Crystal Line challenges your logic skills to clear lines of colorful ball from a grid. You can use many items such as power-ups to finish the game. The rule of game is very simple: move one ball per turn to attempt to make a line at least 5 same colored balls. If no lines are created, three new balls will be spawned. If the board fills up, the game is over. These rules are the same with classic Line 98 game. You can play with your friends, try to have a top rank on the Crystal Line leaderboard. Challenge your brain everyday with Crystal Line now! It’s FREE. Crystal Line features: * Free fun puzzle game * Challenging logic puzzle game * Cool graphic and effects * Interesting gameplay with many power-ups * 2 modes to play: normal & arcade * Play with friends or other players
Phuong Nguyen
Unity Lead - Programmer