This is my current blueprint for the design of the construction kit. When users purchase, download, and install Cryptostream, they will use this construction kit to draw their objects and identify surface locations in-which to stream live data files directly from their PC. Users can view or listen to each other's music, videos and photos on the surfaces of their custom-made creations. Every time a polygon becomes enclosed, it becomes selectable, and allows the R G B colors to be adjusted, or a streaming file to be added. You can also provide each polygon with a physical trait to add movement. The physical property speed is based on the size of the polygon's data usage. Just draw a larger or smaller polygon to adjust the speeds for more in-depth animations. The X Y Z grid, similar to Unity, can be rotated and flipped for a view from the ground up, the sky down, the front, the back, and the sides. The coloration box will color whichever side you are facing. Prefabs are loaded into the grid and line up the 0,0 coordinates of the grid and 0,0 coordinates of the file with the same method. You will also be able to import your own background image to look at while designing. The background image will represent the ground while the other 5 directions represent the sky.
I am considering other features as I design this software and am having difficulties linking the OpenGL library with the Dev-C++ Compiler, so any help is appreciated!
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