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We're building FIGURAMA - the 3D Comics Platform, and this is our first entry. In a 3D comic, unlike in a traditional comic, a reader doesn’t view a 2D page, but explores a whole 3D environment to understand the story.
FIGURAMA, the 3D Comics Platform, is reaching out to the comics reading community with it’s first official release. The initial entry into a soon to be growing library of 3D comics, is the teaser episode of a 3D comic called CRYME. A 3D Comic doesn’t simply copy the functionality of a paper, unlike other digital comics. It is a three dimensional experience, where instead of reading a 2D page with images, you explore a whole 3D world. The world of CRYME is filled with intriguing places, people and clues about the story. It’s up to you, the reader, to look for the important clues, move the story forward and choose your own path for the action.
CRYME teaser episode illustrates the direction FIGURAMA wants to go with the 3D comics series, to fulfil the desires of all crime comic fans. The 3D action is filled with combat effects and action shots, which you can view from all angles while they are stopped in time. The characters of CRYME comics are all real people, being made using a 3D body scanner the company built for copying real people into the digital world. CRYME comics Episode 1 is in the planning stage, and FIGURAMA will soon launch an Indiegogo campaign. If you are interested to support this innovative digital comics product, you can sign up at, for a chance to get 3D scanned too and become one of the first heroes of 3D Comics.
CRYME Teaser Episode is available for free on the FIGURAMA App for iOS starting today.
All images, videos and media for FIGURAMA and CRYME can be downloaded from our media kit:
FIGURAMA is creating the best way for people to experience 3D comics and stories, the most accessible interactive content of the future 3D / AR / VR platforms.

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iOS; Android