Crumbling World: Quests And Missions
Published 2 years ago
Devlog #10
Recently, I have been working on incorporating Quests and Missions into Crumbling World, which is likely to be the most exciting and fun update to the game so far. Once fully completed, this new feature will be a game changer, as it will not only add more playability to Crumbling World but will also deepen the storyline that players will experience throughout the game.
Once fully implemented, Quests and Missions will fundamentally change the way the game is played, all while making the experience more epic, entertaining, and engaging. Now, Crumbling World is not only about running around and killing enemies. Instead, players will be tasked to complete Missions that will allow them to progress throughout the game while unlocking new and never before seen levels.

Each Quest is fully integrated within the storyline and reveals essential background information on secondary characters, which in turn allow for players to develop a better understanding of Crumbling World. Every level will include different quests, and players will be given missions such as searching for items, gathering rare objects, killing special enemies, and much, much more. These new features are sure to add lots of new features and functionalities for a player’s characters, which in turn will allow for a much more enjoyable gameplay experience.

News and Features

In other news, adding Quests and Missions will require two new main features to be added besides the Quest System that has been under development. These features include Non-Player Characters (NPC) and a Dialogue System. Quests will be given in many different ways, with the Quest Giver, an NPC who introduces each Quest and instructs players on what they need to accomplish will be at the center of this feature.
Introducing NPCs to Crumbling World will add a different level of playability that has not been seen before, as players will be able to interact with new characters in a fun and engaging way. To allow players to interact with NPCs, I had to develop a Dialogue System to facilitate the conversations between players and secondary characters. This is a notable development, as discussions will add parallel stories to the main storyline that will extend the game itself by making Crumbling World far more engaging and exciting than ever before.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

As mentioned above, NPCs like the Quest Giver will be directing players on how to complete Quests. However, some NPCs will also be directly involved in these exciting adventures as well. One of these unique Quests is the Escort, where players will be in charge of successfully escorting an NPC to their final destination while ensuring that they do not get killed along the way. At risk of spoiling some major storyline plot points, NPCs will become a growing part of Crumbling World as we move forward with development, which will fundamentally change the way the game is played. This is a significant shift for the game, as now players will have the opportunity to search for secrets, discover new locations, and enjoy the process of exploring a world that is consistently changing as you interact with it.

I’m working hard on more exciting and enjoyable features that are sure to improve the playability of Crumbling World. If you’d like to keep updated on upcoming news and updates, please consider signing up in Alternatively, consider checking out Steam, where you can wishlist Crumbling World. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing more exciting updates with everyone soon!
Dani Marti
Indie Game Developer - Artist