Small Game Assets
During the age old struggle to get away from the crutch of Half Life 2 content, we found ourselves in need, over at Zombie Panic! Source's headquarters, of a replacement for the tired old CRT monitor model from HL2. While we already had some nice custom LCD monitors, they didn't quite fit the time frame that we wanted our star-child level "Biotec" to take place in. Also, I was a huge fan of battering the medium sized physics objects through office windows to surprise unsuspecting passers by in the hallways. I decided it was time to throw in my hand as a modeler, previously only having really contributed to the team as a level designer, making custom props as I needed them for my own level. I'm happy to report... we now have our cake and are eating it too. Custom CRT monitor models, and they are still physics objects set up covertly to be battered gaily through office windows. Crisis averted...

Joshua King
Game Designer - Artist