Crowd Procedural for Unity3D

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Sick of placing buildings side-by-side in your game scene ? take too much time from you isn't it ? did you try to put some trash in your game scene and you found it so hard to make it looks realistic and takes much of time and efforts from you ?
Crowd Procedural system, is an Open Source asset which is the best choice for level designers who is looking for a fast,easy way to create cities and trash with few steps using your own models and ability to use the asset's model combiner !
Here you can get three assets in one
Procedural building
Procedural trash
Ability to use the model combiner of the asset
You will see how's crowd building cites even with it's repeatable props like lighting poles , streets and even trash in adjacent-regular way with it's unique methods projects
learn more ? , you can read the documentation from here
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