Critter Fitter
Critter Fitter is a puzzle game mostly about animals; it’s the remake of our first game under the same name. We’ve rebuilt it entirely from scratch making it better in every respect: graphics, gameplay and game mechanics. It turned out to be an even better puzzle game that the entire family can enjoy, full of fun characters and challenging puzzles. The premise is that you, the player, are an alien having to abduct zoo animals (or rescue them, you’re not quite sure) that need to be organised, so you can fit them into your spaceship. Each animal corresponds to a tetris-esque shape and usually there’s only one way you can fit them in. You can check it out for fee in the App Store or on Google Play. I’ve made all the art from concept to completion and my brother did the programming for the game.
Peter Simon
2D Artist - Artist
Steven Simon
Unity developer/game designer