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Published 13 days ago

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About This ContentIn 1986 there was the biggest technogenic incident, but what will be there in the alternate 1986?!Features:- You can lead the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic- You can play three fascinating years of soviet political life- You can get one of three possible disasters or avoid any accident at all- You can influence all USSR- You can get one of nine endings (seven usual and two crisis endings)- New 8 achievementsGood luck, comrade Shcherbitsky! b4d347fde0 Title: Crisis in the Kremlin: The AccidentGenre: Indie, Simulation, StrategyDeveloper:KremlingamesRelease Date: 22 Aug, 2017 Crisis In The Kremlin: The Accident Ativador Small DLC which allows you to be the republic leader of the ukrainian SSR. It is not just about the chernobyl disaster, though you have the feature that a nuclear disaster may or may not happen somewhere, with events following it for detail.Every feature from the base game is simplified here, along with the calculator tab, which is superior to the one in the base game. The only two factors that determine the final outcome of your republic are your choices and your spendings.It's a good DLC, albeit really small, not something you are going to be playing for hours.. Great DLC. Keep up the good work.. An interesting take on the base game. The events are completely new and it this DLC does not feel tacked on. It also explores a subject matter very rarely covered in games - the Ukranian SSR of the Soviet Union. I just wanted it to be longer to be honest, but the price point makes up for it. Am looking forward to more scenarios in the future.. "The Accident" puts you in control of the Ukraine SSR, which is a unique way to play Crisis in the Kremlin. "The Accident" can last up to an hour, and the hour is spent making political decisions and preventing/reducing the impact of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. I found the entire experience to be fun, even though it is severely scaled back from the actual Crisis in the Kremlin, with tremendously fewer sections to spend money on in the in-game economy. Either way, it is well worth the money and adds for replayability with different achievements to earn.. Crisis in the Kremlin: The Accident shows exactly how dlc should be done. It's both cheap and veyr meaningfully expands the gameplay. While the play time you'll get out of it isn't extremely long, the price and the interesting new ideas make it a worthwhile purchase. I'll finish by saying to Kremlin Games I give this an A+ and I look forward to new updates and dlcs to come.. Great and fun little scenario, could have been longer though. A small, but interesting scenario, and I'm pleased to say the previous issues with translations present at launch in the base game are largely gone now. Some strange wording here and there, but nothing much to worry about. As for the scenario itself, it's brief, and could have perhaps run a little longer, but for what it is, I enjoyed it, and if you liked the base game already, you'll probably like it too. For the price, it's well worth it, and I look forward to more expansions to come.. fair price for a good dlc. This DLC adds a event to play as ukraine during the chernobyl incidint which is fun. Hope they make more dlcs and updates. A true pleasure to play. Kremlingames has done a perfect job in making this DLC, leading an individual SSR is a nice change to all the games where you "only" lead the union itself, and the new values like public opinion and quality of life is a very nice and welcome addition. All in all I would strongly recommend this DLC for purchase. 100/100
Luke Gallows