Crimson Nights
Crimson Nights is a 2D isometric hack and slash dungeon crawler. It features some old school 16 bit art and several fun game modes, survival, crawl, PVP, floors, and boss mode. The game is up to 4 players and allows players to fight each us or cooperate to kill enemies together. There are many different types of enemies and a score system in place that shows how many of each type of enemy that all players have killed across sessions. I am currently working on this project with some other students at the University Of Advancing Technology and it was part of UAT Studios at the University of Advancing Technology. I personally worked on the scripts for pathfinding; the door system, including transferring of data in-between scenes; the points system; the pause menu; the ability to buy items in the in-game shop; the coin system; the randomized decals/sprites system; and the floors mode and menu. I also worked on the animations for some of the enemies,as well as the scripts for their AI. I also worked on the torches, cauldrons, and candles, campfires, and furnace light animations. The game is still in development and you can check out the game’s YouTube channel for an updates on progress. The game has been granted Steam Greenlight and we hope to release it soon. Head to the below address for more information on Crimson Nights:
Alison Taylor
Game Programmer