Creatures of Courage
To take your enemies to the next level, there's really nowhere else to look besides the collection of Creatures of Courage. Creatures of Courage will be a pack of ever growing entities to fuel your dungeons evil desires.

The first creature to be introduced is the Dungeon Crawler. The dungeon crawler is a 4 legged beast, most akin to a spider. The Crawler uses his top pincers to both attack and defend himself.

The Dungeon Crawler is a great high quality edition to any horror, adventure, dungeon crawler, or RPG game you may be working on. It's able to be used from any angle, so it's even suited for top down! The Crawler is PBR ready, and utilizes only a single material.

This pack includes:

18 Animations

Attack 01
Attack 02
Attack Idle 01
Attack Idle 02
Hit Reation Heavy
Hit Reaction Light
Idle 01
Idle 02
Strafe Left
Strafe Right
Turn Left 90 Degrees
Turn Left 180 Degrees
Turn Right 90 Degrees
Turn Right 180 Degrees

2 PBR Materials Included

Albedo Map
Metal Map
Normal Map
AO Map
Emission Map

19086 Tris
Single Material
Single Skinned Mesh Renderer

A demo scene is included in the project with animations playing.
Mutiny Bros
Anthony Velez
Senior 3D Artist - Artist
Creative Director, Artist
Carissa Isolano
Art Director - Artist
Art Director
Chris Dispensa
Animation Director - Artist
Animation Director