Creature Shooter VR
Published a year ago
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Other VR; Android
Whether you are a creature art enthusiast looking for inspiration or you just want to be transported to an alien world and get busy blasting monsters, this game is for you. Be immersed in this awesome action adventure experience.
360 Swivel chair VR action adventure game experience developed for Google Cardboard platform and soon to be ported to other platforms.
The player is teleported to an alien planet on a mission to find power crystals. Once on the planet, the player is then attacked by bizarre alien creatures and must survive the onslaught of attacking creatures while trying to complete the mission.
Features include:
AAA quality PBR creature models.
Two Game music options with AAA quality game music and spatialized audio effects.
Random mazes loaded for every game.
Bonus level added for even more awesomeness.
Game-pad support.
Easy, Awesome, Insane single play mode and campaign play mode.
Yahya Dawson
VR Developer - Other
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Other VR; Android