Creature Battle Lab
Published 2 years ago
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iOS; Android
Welcome to the world famous Creature Battle Lab! As the newest intern you’ll be taken under the wing of Professor Helix, the world’s leading authority on creature genetics. He’ll show you how to create a team of creatures and get them battle-ready to take on any opponent in the lab.
Game Description:
Enter the world of Creature Battle Lab and experience mad science and crazy fun! Study with Professor Helix and discover the art of genetic creature splicing. Mix up molecules and experiment with DNA to create the ultimate team of fearsome/cute/weird battling creatures.
Take part in intense real time battles across a number of themed arenas. Become the No.1 ranked creature battler on the professional inter-lab science circuit.
Creature Battle Lab is a creature creation and battling game like no other. How your creatures look and what skills they have are entirely chosen and controlled by you.
Join the ‘Creature Battle Lab Club’ with a one off payment to instantly unlock all shapes, patterns and attachments for your creatures. Go to battle in style!
• 100% player controlled customisation
• 200+ attachments to choose from
• 60+ shapes to morph and blend between
• 30+ patterns to accessorise with
• Unlock and experiment with 64 different skills
• Mix and match abilities to find powerful combos and unique play styles
• Take full control of your creatures in real-time battles
• Unlock and battle in 27 distinct 3D arenas
• Level up your creatures making them stronger, faster and more durable
• Play for a few minutes or hours, it’s up to you
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Game Languages
English; English, British; Welsh; German; Spanish; Portuguese, Brazil; Russian; Japanese; Chinese; Korean; Malay; Hindi
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android