Creating SONARIS with paricles only
Published 3 years ago
Experimental 2D game
SONARIS game play and visual effects are build with particle system only!
It is a R&D project to explore Unity particle system.
Game is inspired with Electric Universe theory.
Download link :
Main character is made with particle system and trail when moving.
The bird is storyteller and a friend:
Main character is using SONAR to emit particles around him. Those particles have collision and when they hit collider, new particle system is created:
Using sprites as shapes for particles emitters, the obstacles in game are visualized:
Firefly is made of 3 different particles systems:
It emits sparks that main character collects to increase his sonar power:
Jumpers gets you high to get a point of view:
Speeders moves your rapidly through space:

Inspiration for the Sonar wave and return wave came from Spherical Wave equation :
where F and G are general solutions to the one-dimensional wave equation, and can be interpreted as respectively an outgoing or incoming spherical wave. What ever action you make, an opposite reaction is created.

Main enemy Fusson Gion will drain your energy if he catch you. He is using two radars, short when walking and long when rotating.

Conclusion is that using just Particle System and its components the whole game can be created!
Thanks Unity ;)
Vladimir Jaksic - kshaja
Mr - Programmer