Creating a little driving sim & working with audio & terrain
Updated a year ago
putting it all together
I was recently working with a streaming audio tech created by a former colleague. Jukebox Audio lets you create playlists in the cloud & then stream the audio in your game or project. Integrating the SDK can take an hour.
I was interested to use some music by some friends in a band called Montefiori Cocktail. The idea is the music is playing like a radio station as drive around having a casual drive in a countryside.
I first started to make a terrain in Unity. And then I wanted to add features like hills & water. I did some prototyping and naturally it started to become quite a bit of work.
I had been using the Easy Roads system to create a oval closed road in the world scene. This worked quite well.
I then went back to the beginning and used Gaia to create and island with hills & foliage & then create a road network using Easy roads 3D.
After watching some videos & reading some documentation, I was able to create some terrain using the powerful tools in Gaia. I can really recommend this asset. You can work with height maps & create a terrain.

For the vehicle, I used the Unity provided asset.
The end result was quite pleasing. The project is hold on the moment. Next, I would
  • add some buildings and animations like animals & perhaps even some people.
  • work on the car physics to add braking when going down hills; some of the hills are a bit steep and the car could get hard to drive and you end up going off course 😄; I could also add guard rails
  • make a better looking HUD for the streaming audio display
  • have interactive points of interest
In summary, I used the following to put it all together
  • the Unity Vehicles asset
  • Jukebox Audio
  • Easy Roads 3D
  • Gaia
Manjit Bedi
Creative Technologist - Programmer