CrazyTiger Games new biggest game yet!
Published 2 years ago
A big storyteller...
On monday afternoon approximately 2:30 (PST) CrazyTiger Games a 2D platformer game studio made an announcement that shocked it's fans. They announced a new big story telling first person shooter (FPS)/ survival game called "Anxiety I Stand", this time in 3D. "We want to change, start out fresh. You only can do so much with 2D, it's best to try then to not know at all." Stated owner/writer /director of the game.
It is believed that the game will come out within a few years. Right now it is in pre-development. "We may surprise you all with a demo, if so the demo will be nothing like the full access game." Stated the writer/director of the game. It is unknown if there's going to be any DLC, when we asked the assistant writer he shook his head and said this. "We want to create a fan base of gamers who share the same love and passionate of video games as we do. We create for entertainment, not money. Video games should be a one time pay. If there is a DLC which is improbable, it will be free. And that goes to all of our games!"
The next challenge for the now 3D company has to be moving from making story based 2D platformer games to immersive 3D games. We asked the directors of the game if they should be prepared for the challenge, they said "we should, anyone should be prepared for an challenge. We have are a little eased down due to the new programmers and artists that we hired, I believed they got what it takes!"
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