Crazy Traffic Driving (Ready to Launch)
Crazy Traffic Driving is a 3d car road traffic racing game. Run through traffic by equipping boosters and special force vehicles and smash the traffic. Reach destination before time ends. Avoid collisions, collect bonuses and enjoy the endless fun of thrill and action.

❤ ❤ ❤ Feature List ❤ ❤ ❤
◉ Car Garage customization menu.
◉ Choose out of plenty of different colors for your car. Organized in one way, Just configure once and have it available on all places.
◉ Choose different sticker/decals for car customization. Add more or replace existing. Set them once on the preview car in garage and the changes will be available to the model instantiated during game play.
◉ Choose different rims, add more rims if needed. Replace rims. Simply configure once.
◉ All the cars with purchasable customizations data is stored. Your car has all the customizations applied when you relaunch your game.
◉ In app purchases with Unity’s in built IAP API.
◉ Ads code in place. Just need to import google admob sdk and/or Unity ads.
◉ 4 different game modes. Single lane, dual lane, Car on Car and free Ride mode.
◉ Plenty of different transformable vehicles are also available. Fire Brigade car, APC tank, Space Ship, Fighting Copter and Vintage Plane.
◉ Boosters: High Speed, Magnet, Coins, Shield.
◉ Plenty of different missions.
◉ Can be created any game out of it. Infinite running racer, Car crashing game. dodging traffic, mission related.
◉ Customize worlds and add as many worlds as you wish.
◉ Simple and easy to change and side environments.
◉ Prefabs for easy customizations
◉ Contact us for more work.

Main Car models are not included in the package. You can always ask for them if you want.
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