Crazy Justice
“Crazy Justice” is a Third­Person­Shooter game in Cel-Shaded style. The game is based on humor, the main characters interact with the players creating funny moments and scenes. Similar in feeling to a series of movie shots. At the start of the game the players create and customize their own Drones and choose the Heroes living in symbiosis with their Drones. The Drones define the Heroes’ skin, abilities and behavior. Players can play the game in single and multiplayer mode. (Co­op Story mode, Crazy Co­op, P2P Crazy Co­op) on PC, Xbox One, Play Station 4. During the story they travel to various places around the world such as London, France, Hungary, New York, Route 66, Egypt, North Pole etc. to start special “teslas” in order to help the Evil, who developed the Drones. The players can unlock new characters, share different story lines, upgrade their weapons, customize their appearance (clothes, masks, etc...), improve skill levels, upgrade talent trees and reach exciting achievements.
Balazs Welker
CEO & Lead Programmer,modeller