Crash Mayhem
This little ad supported game is a city-wide destruction derby that takes the player through many different situations with lots of different goals and absolutely no sense of traffic laws. In Crash Mayhem the player takes control of their car and uses their finger to point out the direction on screen where they'd like the car to accelerate. Missions are varied and change from level to level. Sometimes players will have to crash as many cars as they can in a single intersection. much like a very watered-down version of Burnout CRASH! at a much lower price. In other levels, players will have to run rampant through the open city in search of items to collect before the time runs out. The simple finger controls in Crash Mayhem work pretty well and the cars handle well too, depending on which car players are driving. As the game progresses, players gain control of faster and more responsive cars to take around on their destructive missions. The AI on other cars is virtually non-existent and they more or less run on tracks until they are hit or hit something in their path. The claims that this game is an "open world" game are a little misleading. It's true that each level takes place in a different section of a larger sprawling city, but the action is broken into levels with no way for the player to explore the city by themselves with no pressing mission or goal to worry about.
Daniel Conde Linares
Developer/Founder at Beardserk - Programmer
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