Wormhole Rider
Wormhole Rider is different kind of space shooter where gravity plays a main roll in the game play, adding an extra level of challenge. It's a very demanding game that requieres a lot of observation, fast thinking and control of your reactions.
Your mission is to clear the wormhole in order for it to be safe for other ships to travel, but the gravitational attraction inside is so strong that objects with a small mass can affect the trajectory of other objects flying around, in this scenario you can't be sure if your bullet will hit its target even if at the moment of firing you had a direct target, because bullets fired previously can divert the new ones if they are close enough to each other.
In this game you won't be just destroying obstacles and enemies, but also dodging your own bullets rebounded by a collision with an object ahead, and even when sometimes firing like crazy is the right strategy it won't always work and eventually will end up destroyed by your own fire.