Published 24 days ago
A game that models (VERY loosely) 4 months in a virus-infested city.

Game story:

  • The game models (VERY loosely) 4 months in a virus-infested city; 4 weeks to a month, and 7 days - the smallest unit of time - to a week.
  • At the start of the game, the city is populated with a number of people, some of whom are infected. The player assumes the role of a health care team that can cure infected people.
  • The player selects a difficulty level at the start of the game; difficulty is a function of the initial number of persons, probability of infection at the start of the game, and probability of infection on contact. Each level of difficulty has a different set of these factors.
  • Every (game time) day, each person moves in a random direction to an adjacent block that is unoccupied. Should the person attempt to move in a direction that would take the person beyond the city boundaries, moves in a different direction.
  • If a naïve (previously uninfected) person collides with an infected person, they become infected; any cured persons are assumed to have acquired immunity from previous exposure and are unaffected.
  • The health care team can move freely and can occupy the same square as a person. If there is an infected person in that square, that person is cured.
  • The health care team is represented by a white icon with a red cross. Persons are represented by icons whose color / avatar is a function of clinical status: naïve (never infected) - blue, infected (currently) - red, or cured - green.
  • The objective is to "cure" infected persons, and to minimize the number of infected persons at the end of the game (preferably zero).

Game mechanics:

  • "Team" motion is controlled by either the standard WASD keys or arrow keys, corresponding to forward / back / left / right. There are no other controls.

Technical notes:

  • Time constraints meant that a number of planned features could not be implemented in time for project submission. Possibly the most significant is absence of a button to stop the game at any point.
  • All configuration factors are in a single script, and nearly every aspect of the game can be modified when the Inspector is available.
Clayton Curtis