COURSE - Study Unity Level 1
Online course in Russian for beginners.
Link on course Link on my teacher profile with references Course content: 1) INTRODUCTION. Unity as an ecosystem. History. Versions. Made with Unity. New project. Unity editor (UI, layouts, windows, navigation, hotkeys). GameObject, primitive, component, prefab. Build the project. Asset Store. Unity services. 2) SCRIPTING PART 1. Basic methods of the MonoBehaviour class. Access to the GameObjects and components. Position and rotation. Project settings (input, tags and layers). Instantiate and Destroy. Input. Arrays. Physics. 3) SCRIPTING PART 2. Immediate Mode GUI. Mathf, Random, Invoke. Coroutines. Triggers and collisions. Special project folders. 4) ANIMATIONS, AUDIO, VISUAL EFFECTS. Inherited animation system. Animation based on Mecanim. Character Controller component. AudioListener and AudioSource. Visual effects (particle system, camera effects). 5) UI. Canvas, Canvas Scaler, Graphic Raycaster, Rect Transform, Text, Image, Raw Image, Button, Toggle, Toggle Group, Slider, Scroll View, Scroll Rect, Scroll Bar, Dropdown, Input Field. Event System. Event Trigger. 6) TOOLS FOR DEVELOPING 2D-GAMES. 2D and 3D development mode. Sprites, Sprite Creator, Sprite Editor, Sprite Packer. 2D-Raycast. 7) TERRAIN. Landscape: trees and grass. Wind zone, water, skybox, fog. Tree editor. 8) OPTIMISATION. Rendering Statistics. Profiler. Debugging. Quality Settings. Optimization (Frustum Culling, Occlusion Culling, Textures and materials, lighting and shadows, scripts). Practice: 1) Developing 3D-game "Tanks" 2) Developing 3D-game "Shooting Range" 3) Developing 2D-platformer 4) Developing lanscape Technologies: The course was developed used Unity 5.2 and Visual Studio
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