Cosmoscape Space Environment Art
Cosmoscape is a set of space game assets designed to beautifully enhance your space game with richly textured terrains, vivid space sky boxes, ethereal atmospheres, terrain mesh detail scripts, and player navigation scripts.
• Fly to walkable planets.
• Procedurally generate mesh details on a planets' surface.
• Spawn non-player characters on planets.
• 7 planet models with splat mapped terrain features.
• 7 sphere projected splat maps (4096 x 2048 resolution).
• 3 diffuse / 3 normal map layered planet shaders.
• 27 diffuse with normal map textures.
• Atmosphere shader with fog density and customizable colors.
• 10 rock models.
• 10 space skyboxes.
• 1 textured planet rings model.
• 1 planet rings shadow projector cookie.
• 1 animated lava shader with tessellation displacement.
Atmosphere source:
Atmosphere shader created by Rune Skovbo Johansen.
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Hunter Nacho
Hunter Nacho Games - Artist