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Deep House - one of the variations of the genre House of Music, appeared in the late eighties, the style of electronic dance music. At that time, "dip house" is a sweet-sounding, positive-directed composition, where the vocalist takes the first position, and an unusual musical background helps him convey his feelings to the public. A little later, a stylistic redefinition occurred and this direction was called Garage House. And Deep House has combined in itself little by little: jazz, chil-house, ambient. It is believed that this techno is not machines, but living people. Deep - something deep, the music fills a mystery, if you do not know what kind of style, you can hear on the air on URAL SOUND FM.

DEEP HOUSE is instrumental in style, vocals are rarely used, since music is more important in it. For tracks in this genre, female vocal (if any) is more often used than male and robotic. Deep House often sounds soft, a little melancholy, the rhythm is smooth. In the foreground are delicate key-notes: when vague, when (from track to track) jerky sounds. All elements merge harmoniously in one thread. To enhance the jazz atmosphere, the effect of instantaneous sound flow from one channel to another is usually added.

Radio URAL SOUND FM was born in Perm, where it now broadcasts. In good quality on URAL SOUND FM you can listen to bewitching, mysterious melodies. They do not create an atmosphere of fun and dance, on the contrary, they have to be tranquil and peaceful. DEEP HOUSE is difficult for perception, not for everyone, but despite this, it keeps at a decent level of popularity throughout its existence.

Deep House is founded so that a person can relax, rest, and be in harmony with himself. Music from the first chords envelops listeners, adjusts to relax, immerses in infinite deep sensuality. It is an atmosphere of mystery and a certain intimacy.

Live on URAL SOUND FM, listen to the latest tracks, as well as the eternal hits in the best quality. Due to the absence of unnecessary "hot rotation" comfortable conditions for listening are created. If you are at work and can not be distracted, listen to URAL SOUND FM, here only positive music, tuning for ease.

Radio creates a mood, you can listen to yourself with this music. There are always tracks that will give energy, help express feelings and emotions. Music in the style of DEEP HOUSE is the Cosmos, this is the Universe and its infinity, it relaxes, beckons. Stretching sound of melodies provides comfortable listening in any place and at any mood.

If you want to get acquainted with the sensual style of DEEP HOUSE, and, perhaps, you are a connoisseur and admirer - listen to the online radio station URAL SOUND FM online. On this wave is always a fresh sound, you definitely do not want to switch.
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