Cosmos Arena
Published 2 years ago
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Play as an intergalactic park ranger defending an alien planet from the Robot Invasion in this local multiplayer action platformer! Up to 4 players share one screen and play with game controllers.
This game has a retro feel with throwback elements of classic platformers, mixed with a twist of modern couch co-op party games.
The planet you are protecting has a range of environments, from the Barren Plateau to the Ice Caves, the Fungal Jungle to the Bog of Dismay. Each region has its own unique habitat and ecosystem. The alien plant life provides Toxic Seeds for the player to shoot from their seed gun. Seeds can be used to destroy the enemy robots, or shot at the ground to grow more plants and harvest more ammo.
As an intergalactic park ranger, your mission requires you to complete a variety of tasks including rebuilding your fuel station, replanting endangered species, destroying the enemy generators, and escaping the Robot Apocalypse to return to your ship.
This game is currently still in development and we're running an Open Alpha, making the game free for a limited time!
MJ Johns
Founder/Director, Astire Games - Educator
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